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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jonas Brothers on Demand

Letoya said “She Ain’t Got”, Jonas Brothers share Sound Check Rituals, Nelly Furtado’s Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

All Within the Next Episode of Demanded.

Media Alert: Music Choice’s Demanded announced its next episode to feature exclusive interviews from Letoya, Jonas Brothers and Nelly Furtado.

What: On this episode of Demanded, we have exclusive interviews with Letoya as she talks about how “She Ain’t Got”, the Jonas Brothers share their sound check rituals and Nelly Furtado let’s us in on her Do’s and Don’t of Style all along with our Top Five Videos of the week.

When/ Where: Starting Today, September 21st, Demanded: Letoya will be available for viewing by millions of music fans nationwide on Music Choice On Demand™, the most-popular video-on-demand music network, and Music Choice Online, the network’s free broadband music service.