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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nick Talks to 'People' About His Birthday

Nick Jonas, who is currently filming Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam in Canada, told People that turning 17 was 'exicting. I feel 24 hours different than when I was 16.' On what he will do: 'I tend to keep things low key for my birthdays in general. It's so much attention that it can be a bit overwhelming. But it's nice when people do things to celebrate. I have tonight off and I think we have something planned. We'll see how it roles out.'

The cast and crew sang 'Happy Birthday' to him on set and lit the candles a light blue vanilla cake with cream filling. On the piano he got: 'It's actually the piano I wrote 'A Little Bit Longer' on. It's definitely got a special meaning for me. I originally wanted to get a plaque just to put on the piano when I got there saying that I wrote the song on, but the family just decided to get it for me. I think I'm going to put it in our office where our management team works. So that will be nice. It's a nice piece of memorabilia with lots of meaning.'

Camp Rock producer, who gave him a ping-pong table, added: 'Nick is a sports fanatic and what he loves to do on tour besides Wiffle Ball, and softball is ping-pong. He's a ping-pong whiz!'