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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birth Control Causes Women to Find JB More Attractive

A new study published in the British journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution suggests that women who take the pill may be attracted to more feminine men, like Zac Efron and the Jonas Brothers, than women who do not. One of the study's co-authors Alexandra Alvergne said:

'When you’re on the pill, you don’t show the cyclicity in mate preferences. Normally women are attracted to different types of men at different points in their cycle. When women ovulate, they prefer masculine men with symmetrical faces who are genetically dissimilar to them, in other words, their animal instincts crave someone who will father strong, healthy offspring.

During the rest of the month, women are looking for something different: men for the long haul, who seem caring, feminine and more similar to them genetically. In the long run, you’re looking for a parental investment, but for the genetic quality of the child, you’re looking for good genes in the man. And you can’t always have it all.' Read the full article here.