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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is it a Diss or a Compliment?

So it seems as though the JB's might be able to add another critic to their list-one of hip hop music's biggest living legends, Jay-Z, made a reference to the Bro's on his new album. Blueprint 3 was just released and one of the tracks "Real As It Gets" is getting some serious flack, with New York magazine calling the rhyme about the JB's awful. The song says: "No I'm not a Jonas brother, I'm a grown up."
Some fans think J is talking about the Jo Bros just to be funny but others say that he's basically using their fame as a bandwagon he can jump on to get media attention. JayZ can easily get media attention without taking advantage of other people AND he seems like a pretty good person overall, so it's hard to imagine him openly dissing a group as nice as the JB's-----do you guys agree on this one?
Either way though, Nick, Joe and Kevin are not strangers to haters. At last years VMA's Russel Brand gave them a hearty beating about their purity rings, and they seemed to take everything in stride. They have a good understanding of the entertainment world and they stated that Russel Brand made fun of them because that's what he is supposed to do because he's a comedian. I wonder if they feel the same way about Jay-Z's song?

Source: ClevverTV