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Monday, October 12, 2009

Jonas Brothers Kickballers for a Change

From Brittany: Today I went to the Verizon & LG Kick For Change featuring the Jonas Brothers at Dodd Stadium. It was amazing! [Thanks for the pix!]. From Kerri: Today was the Jonas Brothers games. Two with the Kickballers and one Road Dogs. Sad to say that the Road Dogs game ended in defeat.

They'll get them next year! Rob Hoffman wasn't there and Garbo was wearing his jersey even though he did have his own. There were so many people there and everyone was cheering! I sat several rows up from behind the Jonas dug out..

When they scored the first run was jumping up and down screaming and this girl turned around and looked at me. She smiled and turned back around and clapped. Weirdly enough, it was the same girl from the concerts. I was about to get up and go down and talk to her but she got up and left.

She was wearing a jersey with a #2 (Nick's) on the front and a #1 on the back (Joe's) and a #16 on her sleeve (Kevin's new number) and a mini skirt which was weird since it was a little chilly and a Phillies hat. I waved at her and she smiled.

About 10 minutes later two people sat down across the field at the very top. All I could see was a red hat. Maybe it was her? But anyway, the games were awesome and the Road Dogs game was so close! 18-20! They should have won! Too bad they ended the season badly. They WILL beat Verizon next year!