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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jonas Brothers Rock Moheghan Sun

Unfortunately, Nick Jonas is sick again, recovering from a bad cold. From Jersey Girl: Nick didn't talk much and when he did, sounded really congested. Joe mentioned the Yankees ALOT, to boos from the crowd. Also had a Yankees balloon on stage. :D Video clips under!

From Kerri: Joe wore his white pants today! They did a lot of talking and at one point they even invited some girls up on stage in funny costumes. Teletubbies to be exact. The girls helped them sing Year 3000.

During Hold on Joe looked over into the crowd and mouthed the lyrics 'When you love someone and they break your heart' and he was looking at one person. Then when Nick sang the rest of the line 'Don't give up on love. Have faith, restart.' Joe kept looking at the person and then pointed to them and smiled. It was the cutest!

I looked over to see who he was looking at and IT WAS THE GIRL FROM LAST NIGHT! She was smiling so big and blew a kiss. She moved down to the floor and actually stayed! Everyone looked like they were having a great time and so happy to be playing shows again! Can't wait for the 2010 tour! It'll be way, way, WAY bigger than this years.

From Cori: I was on Kevin's side, Row F. Nick was sick so he hardly moved. They actually got a working piano this time :D They were very good. Joe, Nick, and Kevin are so nice and cute. It was such a pleasure to meet them! Thx Erica for pix!