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Monday, October 19, 2009

Jonas Brothers Shopping at Niagra On the Lake with DD and CG

From Sarah M: I was in Niagara On The Lake, Ontario today and we ran into the Jonas Brothers. They were shopping around with Danielle, Courtney Galiano, Frankie and their parents. Danielle & Courtney were trying to stay out of the pictures. They stayed at the Prince of Whales Hotel, spent the day in town then left around 4 PM to head back to Toronto.

Courtney didn't turn around at all. My friend works at the hotel and it's really small.. like 20 rooms. She said that Joe had a girl with him too and that they all roomed with their respective girls. She didn't know who Joe's girl was, and I don't know how legit that is, but it's what she told me and I believe her due to the size of the hotel, news travels quick.

They were very nice and came out to sign autographs and shake everyone's hands. Me and Joe had a conversation about how amazing his camera is. They didn't stay long, and only Nick took pictures with like one girl, then they left. We followed their car for a little while in my car but they were just going straight back to Toronto it didn't seem like they were stopping anywhere else.

From Nair: Kevin, Joe and Nick stayed at one bed and breakfast with their parents and Frankie [the yellow house] and Courtney and Danielle stayed in another. They are not a part of the hotel. At 1 PM, they did group pictures for the fans who were waiting there and then went shopping.