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Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Blog on Nick's Simple Wins

Hello Everyone,
October has been another busy month, my brothers and I just finished filming Camp Rock 2 and head back on the road this weekend to finish up our World Tour. We are going back to Latin and South America for a few dates and then it is off to Europe for the final leg of our World Tour.
Traveling to new places and meeting new people is one of my favorite parts of touring, but sometimes it can also make it more challenging for me to carefully monitor my blood glucose levels. I always make sure to have my CONTOUR® meter with me, and I take the time to check my glucose levels, no matter how busy I get - even when on stage sometimes.
Also, this month I’ll be announcing the winners of the Express Your Simple Win contest. I’m so impressed by all of the entries that were submitted. You all have so many diverse accomplishments to be proud of, and it made my job of selecting the winners nearly impossible. Congratulations to all of those who entered the contest and thank you for taking the time.
My Simple Win this month is taking care of myself and my health while having the time of my life on tour and filming a movie.