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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nick Jonas 'Selena is Not a Very Good Pitcher'

Jonas Brothers spilled to Popstar! about their extreme competitiveness in sports. Were you competitive when you played wiffle ball with Selena, Demi and Miley? Kevin, 'Oh! No, I think with us,that more just a game because they are girls.' Nick, 'Well.. [Everyone laughs] Selena's not a very good pitcher, but ti's fine. Joe, 'She was on my team, she did a good job. I'm so proud of her!'

Joe, 'Nick's wild side comes out on stage, mostly. Or when he's competing, like in golf.' Nick, 'I become superhuman when it comes to competition. Joe, 'Not golf so much, but when you're playing, like, tennis or baseball.'

Nick, 'I've always been into wiffle ball, but any sort of sports, if I want to win, all of a sudden I can just do anything. At the Disney Channel Games, we wanted to win so I just started pushing this competition we had to do and it's just so fun. I'm competitive at everything in life. Anything I can win at.'

Joe, 'I'm very competitive, especially with my brothers. When it gets to it. I just want to win. Nick is definitely competitive. Kevin is the smartest for sure, he brings the smarts to the table. And I'm the one who gets their team pumped up. I get really competitive.'