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Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Pictures or Kisses

Two different Jonas Brothers stories from Panama. From Alice: They are the sweetest, most down to earth guys I have ever meet. At the concert I really don't know where that girl was but this is like the only show that has sounded SO GOOD at that venue! The sound was amazing. I was in the second row. Nick was definitely the star of the night, but Joe seemed really happy also Kevin.

From Maria: I won a Meet and Greet through Team Jonas. The staff did NOT accept Team Jonas and said 'The Jonas Brothers NEVER told me anything about such Meet & Greet', I was a mess. Even PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T WIN crashed and went.. The staff said that NO KISSES NOR PICTURES WERE ALLOWED (here in Panama we say hi with a kiss on the cheek) I hugged Kevin and Joe and 'kissed' Nick on the cheek (it truly was an accident, besides he doesn't even HAVE cheeks!).

Margarita Perez, the Panamanian winner of last year's Latin American Idol opened for them. She has black hair, and is like the wannabe Panamanian Demi Lovato. She only played 4 songs, for about 15 minutes.