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Monday, October 19, 2009

Some News

The Jonas Brothers Want to Sing with Shakira

Kevin Jonas in particular said that one of the future projects just might be Spanish songs.
“We’d like to do a song with someone like Shakira and other Spanish-speaking artists. That would be really interesting.
And if the hermanos are taking suggestions, may be also suggest our chica Belinda as a duet partner?

Congratulations boys!

BELGIUM: The Jonas Brothers were nominated for three TMF Awards (BEST ALBUM, BEST INTERNATIONAL VIDEO and BEST POP). Yesterday in Belgium was the event and they won one award for “Best International Video” for their song, Paranoid. You can watch a video of where they announce the winners by clicking here.
There are new merchandise including Christmas Ornaments added to the Official Jonas Brothers’ Merchandise store, to check them out click here. They cost from around $10-20 dollars each.