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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jonas Brothers Don't Speak

First time Jonas Brothers performed 'Don't Speak' EVER. From Maria: I was at the concert in Mexico City on October 31 and people were talking about how a couple of months ago, during one of their webchats on Facebook, Joe Jonas read a comment that one of the fans sent that said: 'Joe, you're so cute, Nick, you're so hot.. and Kevin.. go to the corner' After that comment, Kevin was offended and as a joke he actually stood up and went to face the corner.

Some fans at the concert in Mexico City decided to sing Happy Birthday to him since his birthday is on November 5. At the end of 'When You Look Me In The Eyes', the audience began singing Happy Birthday to Kevin, it was really loud and kind of hard to understand, but Joe said: 'They're singing Happy Birthday to you, Kev" Kevin's face was priceless and you could tell he felt appreciated.

Then Joe was trying to talk about the next song while the entire audience began cheering for Kevin, until he took the microphone and said, 'Thats a lot of love, thanks guys' It was nice to see that Kevin felt loved by his fans too :) THE CONCERT IN MEXICO CITY WAS AWESOME!