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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Team Jonas Disaster

From Ale: Some people said the Jonas Brothers didn't arrived in Guadalajara on Thursday like the band and crew members and that they would arrive on Friday directly to the concert because they are so afraid of getting Swine Flu.

The soundcheck party was a disaster.. only a few girls got in, more than 120 girls had to stay outside with passes, the security didn't know anything about Team Jonas, and they kept telling the girls that dont move, stay in the line or you will lose your place.. someone will come for you to take you in.. and that 'person' never came.. and the soundcheck started.. and ended.. and they didn't get in.

The concert in was very good, they looked so so so so happy! nick keep smiling ALL THE SHOW, Joe had a lot of energy, and Kevin super sweet and always smiling as usual.. A lot of other people have been writing saying that the concert staff did NOT accept Team Jonas passes at several other concerts..