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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Jonas Brothers Call on E! to Step Up

A warning to Kevin Jonas' wife, Danielle, and Joe Jonas' girlfriend, Demi Lovato: The Jonas Brothers only have two things on their mind as they plan to head out on tour this summer.

"It's a great way to enjoy hanging out with friends," Kevin explained when E! News caught up with the band Thursday after they shot hoops for the Xbox 360 Sweepstakes. "On tour we have a lot of downtime so that's a really nice way to spend your afternoon."

What are these guys talking about?

Videogames and softball, of course!

"Danielle's really good at racing games," offered Kevin. Joe, however, remains unsure as to Demi's gaming prowess.

"Not yet," he said sheepishly when we asked whether Demi's been on his case about all the Xbox they play (though Nick admitted that youngest JoBro Frankie could kick all their butts).

But so long as Demi brings her glove on tour, she should be fine, because the Jonas Brothers can't wait to get their softball team, the Road Dogs—comprising whoever's part of their tour who wants to play—back in action.

And they already have an opponent in mind.

"We just play anybody who challenges us," Joe told us. "E! can start a team and challenge us."

"Michael Yo, we're calling you out!" exclaimed Kevin. Added Nick: "I could think of a couple people at E! that we could call out."

Unfortunately, Joe said, E! News anchor Ryan Seacrest already informed them that "softball's not his thing."

"But I'd like to see him try," Kevin said.

"It would be fun," Nick agreed, before correcting himself. "Funny," he clarified.

Tickets for the Jonas Brothers' rockin', softball-throwin', videogame-playin' tour go on sale next week.