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Monday, June 21, 2010

Nick Jonas Made Chloe Feel So Guilty

What a great guy!

Nick Jonas spent another hour with his fans who waited for him to finish up rehearsals for Les Miserables in London on Friday evening (June 18).

The 17-year-old actor/musician took time out earlier last month to chat with us about the famous getting pushed in a lake incident by Camp Rock 2 costar Chloe Bridges. You can check out her version here.

Nick shared, “We shot that scene 6:30 in the morning so we started our day pretty early. It was the first scene of the day. Probably the sixth or seventh day of shooting and it was cold, very cold day. Started filming in September in Toronto, it gets to be around 40 degrees there in the morning.

“So we’re filming on the lake and I was wearing a wetsuit underneath my clothes so I could stay a little warm cause I was just suppose to start walking up to the rocks but then at one point, she’s suppose to put her hand on my shoulder. And she did it but she did it with some force and pushed me into the lake. I was wearing a life jacket so I didn’t go completely under but it was just that initial shock.

“First of all the water being so cold and not knowing that was gonna happen. I just embraced it and sat there for like 2 seconds like this is the worse in the entire world. She felt terrible and I held it over her head the whole time we shot.”

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam hits TVs on Friday, September 3rd on Disney Channel.