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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kevin and Danielle Jonas: Life on the Road

Kevin Jonas holds wife Danielle close as they give a personal tour of their own tour bus to USA Today.
Check out what the newlyweds had to say about taking their honeymoon on the road:

Danielle on packing: “I brought my pillows from home. The hardest thing is packing, especially for a girl. But Kevin’s such a pro at touring, he made the transition easy for me.”
Kevin on date nights: “We do date nights a lot and we have breakfast every morning and walk around to see the sights. Like yesterday, we did a little shopping and went to Georgetown Cupcakes (in Washington). They made us about two dozen cupcakes with the Jonas Brothers logo on them.”
Both on the questions of kids in the future: “Everyone wants to know when you’re having kids. They’re just never satisfied. we’re just enjoying each other right now. But we’d love to see our kids running around and playing with Uncle Joe and Uncle Nick,” Kevin shared.
Danielle added: “Uncle Joe, that would be crazy.”