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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Boy who Looks Like a Jonas

A So Random Holiday Special

The Boy Who Looked Like a Jonas

Mike (Grady with jet black hair), Kyle (Nico), Dustin (Chad), Kristy (Tawni), Zora (doesn't have a name)

D: Okay, so you're sure you're cool with keeping your glasses on the whole night?

M: Sure, no problem. (points to glasses) These babies are staying on.

K: Thanks, man. (slaps Grady on back, his glasses go flying and now he looks like joe)

M: Oh no! (runs off with several girls following him)

Montage: Mike walks through a group of girls who ignore him.

Song: With his glasses on he's diddly squat; when he takes them off, he's totally hot.

(Mike takes off glasses and magically poofs into joe. girls scream)

Song Continued: He's the boy who looks like jonas!

(Mike is tackled by a group of girls) ribs...

At house

K and D: Hey, girls, over here! Two interested dudes, not fleeing!

M: (comes back with glasses on) I can't take it anymore.

K: We're here for you, buddy.

D: We gotta keep those glasses on you. Remember when you lost your glasses during Chanukah? Eight days of rejection.

M: Eight days of girls ripping my clothes.

(Two girls approach)

D: So, Kristy...Wanna show me around? Maybe over there, by the mistle toe? 9they run off)

K: (to other girl) Hi.

(it's working. they each give each other a thumbs up, Mike accidentally knocking glasses off and into the punch bowl)

M: No! (digs through punch bowl)

K: (to Mike) You are so gross! Ew... (see's joe) Ooh! Joe Jonas! (screams with glee)

(all the girls, including Kristy, run to Mike and tackle him. Mike puts on glasses. the girls pop up confused)

K: Sorry, thought you were somebody else.

M: I get that alot.

K: I find you very unattractive.

M: I get that alot, too. (turns and slams into Zora with glasses. both drop glasses. Mike looks like Joe and Zora looks like Demi. they check each other out.)

J and Demi: Nah. Not interested.

(put glasses back on)

Mike and Zora: (flirty) Heyyyy, Interested. (they walk off)

Song: He's the boy that looks like Jonas!


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