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Friday, October 8, 2010

Jonas LA Facing Cancellation

UPDATE: A rep for Disney tells Celebuzz that Jonas LA is not canceled:

JONAS L.A. is not canceled; it wrapped production as scheduled, we're thrilled that it's a Top 5 series among kids age 6-14 and it will continue to air on Disney Channel for a long time.

No word on why Lester thinks that Jonas LA is facing cancellation.
Bad news for Jonas Brothers fans: The adorable trio's Disney Channel show, Jonas LA is reportedly on the chopping block.
Lester Lewis, the executive producer of Jonas LA, has been tweeting up a storm about the cancellation of the JoBros' show. On Thursday, Lester asked JoBro fans to join together a campaign effort to save the troubled TV show:

Okay guys, if you want to start a campaign for a third season of Jonas LA, here's where you should send letters. Yes letters. They're like emails but on paper. Here is the address: Bring Back Jonas, The Disney Channel, 3800 Alameda Ave, Burbank, Ca 91505. But it is going to take A LOT of letters to make a difference, so I'm counting on you!

While the JoBros are big established stars, their TV show is relatively new. Jonas LA (at first titled Jonas) premiered on the Disney Channel in 2009. It was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Children's Program this year.
Watch a music video from Jonas LA below.

Later, Lester asked fans if they thought that the brothers were "too old" for a third season on the Disney Channel. The youngest brother, Nick Jonas, just turned 18 this year.
Lester attempted to use social networking site to start a grassroots campaign to save the show. The executive producer started #BringBackJonasLA and hoped to make it a trending topic before the end of the day.
"Hey, how do we get #BringBackJonasLA trending," Lester asked, "I've got 2477 followers, maybe if everyone gets on board—"
Meanwhile, the JoBros have been surprisingly quiet about the impending cancellation. While Jonas LA may be doing poorly, the brothers have had lots of success with their Disney Channel movies like Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2.
What do you think of Jonas LA's possible cancellation

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