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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Source Claims Joe Dated Demi For Publicity

Demi Lovato just checked into rehab to seek help for her "emotional and physical issues", and may now know the real "trigger" as to why... A source close to Demi claims that the whole Joe Jonas relationship was just a PUBLICITY STUNT, however, she WAS NOT in on it!!

According to our source, Disney publicists allegedly approached Joe and his team about the possibility of having him and Demi "date" in order to bring in ratings for Camp Rock 2 - Long story short, Demi had no idea that Joe was just "using her", and when she found out that the whole relationship was "just for show" she had a mental breakdown over everything...

"She felt everything was a big lie. When Joe [Jonas] and his father told her the truth, she couldn't deal with anything anymore, even though Joe admitted he did have some feelings. She still totally lost it, and nothing was ever the same after that; She didn't know who to trust or what was real anymore. In all honesty, she loved Joe, and to find out it was all fake, destroyed her."

As we reported earlier this summer, after their "split", Demi had told her mother that she wanted to get breast implants to change her appearance and help with her self-confidence...

"She immediately started blaming herself after they split, and wanted to change everything. She tried to move on. She started seeing other guys to distract her. But being stuck on tour with Joe and his new girlfriend did her in as we see now... All her feelings just exploded at once."

Wow... I can now understand why Demi has so many issues and why Taylor Swift (Joe's real ex) has been jumping to her support. I really truly hope she gets better through all this, and has a good team behind her once her problems are taken care of.