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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Alyson Stoner Spills Secrets!

So tell me about touring with the Jonas Brothers. Any secrets you can spill?
Well, during his workout sessions before the shows, Joe would wear like five layers of trash bags that would help burn that many more calories as a way of punishing himself in case he was eating really unhealthy beforehand. But he was always training and like super focused, super amped and excited.
What’s he like behind closed doors with his GF Ashley Greene?
I haven’t really seen or heard much about Twilight, so I had no preconceptions or anything [of Ashley].But she’s so genuine. I felt like she and I would’ve been in the same high school in Ohio. She’s really down to Earth, very welcoming, super adaptable to any situation, didn’t try and steal the spotlight, definitely knew her place while we were on tour. They have a way of communicating with each other which is really beautiful. I think they met each other at a right time in their lives.
Love that! Ok, back to the JoBros. What was the best part of touring with them?
The final show in Argentina, we were in front of 65,000 people. It was the same stage that Paul McCartney played on 2 days before. I got to choreograph the dancers into “Burning Up,” so it was really neat to see everyone performing a routine that I helped create during the final few shows.