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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Frankie Jonas:Youngest Jonas You Haven't Heard Of

Almost anybody that reads news and/or has kids has heard of the Jonas Brothers. Even if you’re just into country music and not the pop kind that the Jonas Brothers perform, you’ve at least heard of Joe Jonas, thanks to Taylor Swift. But there’s another Jonas brother that is starting to come into his own lately…and that is Frankie Jonas. He’s 10 and he has already broken up with a girl…so watch out, I think we have another heart throb in the making!
Frankie Jonas has been working on the Disney Channel, first in the now-cancelled show “Jonas L.A.” and then in the show “Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream,” which has had two seasons and a third season has not been confirmed. He also did the voice of Sosuke in the English adaptation of the anime film “Ponyo.” That is where he met his first girlfriend Noah Cyrus (yes, Miley’s little sister), with whom he has reportedly broken up, but that fact is not confirmed as of this publishing. It seems the youngest Jonas brother is almost as hard to find information about as some of the older celebrities!