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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nick Jonas "I Would Never Consider Myself an Actor"

For a guy who had his own show, has starred in hit Disney movies and made one funny cameo on "Mr. Sunshine" on Wednesday night, it's hard to believe that Nick Jonas doesn't think of himself as an actor.

"I think with anything, it helps to have a couple of experiences under your belt before you go and do something like a cameo or something like that," he told MTV News of his "JONAS" and "Camp Rock" experiences. "We were able to do a couple seasons of the TV show for Disney Channel and then two movies for them as well, so I've done some acting. But I would never really consider myself an actor.

"However, I do really enjoy it," the 18-year-old continued. "And when the right roles come up and when it's something I feel like I can contribute to in some way, I like doing it."

As much as he's unsure of his skills, he does have a bigger résumé than a lot of up-and-coming actors, and he's sure to get offered even more roles. "Maybe [I'll do more acting]. I think it's about taking it by steps, and as long as the role is right, then I'm down to do it," he said. "It's just about taking those next steps with everything — with music and acting."

Jonas also revealed that right now, he and his brothers are taking equally cautious steps on their next joint musical project. "Like anybody, with the next one, you have to step it up and make it great, and I think that we don't necessarily know what the sound is right now," he explained of what's next for the Jonas Brothers. "And we're all kind of in different areas musically. I think that we don't have the same influences."