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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nick Jonas: Next Jonas Brothers Album will "Step It Up"

It's been a few years since the Jonas Brothers released Lines, Vines and Trying Times in 2009. Since then, they've focused on music for their various Disney projects and their own solo albums. When MTV News caught up with Nick Jonas, he admitted that he and his brothers are really taking their time to make sure their next album is the best it can be before they release anything new.

"I'd say that with all the projects we've released so far musically, we're very proud of them, and each one has been a step for us and has been a step of growth," he explained. "And when we go into the next one, we have it in the back of our minds knowing we're proud of everything we've made."

Jonas said he and his brothers are in a transitional stage of their careers, so they have to go big or go home. "Like anybody, with the next one, you have to step it up and make it great, and I think that we don't necessarily know what the sound is right now," he further explained. "And we're all kind of in different areas musically. I think that we don't have the same influences."

While they are on different musical paths right now, he said once they get into the studio, that old magic will be back. "When we come together, there's something special about it," he said. "Obviously, being brothers, it's that connection you can't explain when we do meet up. ... It'll just be a really special thing where it happens naturally, whatever that sound's supposed to be and whoever's supposed to produce it, whether it's pop, rock, dance, whatever. It's gonna be right, and we're taking our time on that."