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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Claude Kelly Talks Joe Jonas Project

You were in the studio with Joe Jonas recently. Can you talk about what you two have been working on?

He's obviously working on a solo album. And I went into the studio with him and DJ Hans. And our goal was to write singles. We did two up-tempo records, and my goal with him was to push him vocally and show the world that there's a voice there that they never heard before. Because you know when you're in a group, there isn't much a distinction because there's two other guys -- his brothers -- that were part of Jonas Brothers. So I really wanted to make some kind of thing where people would say, "Holy s---, he could really sing."

The chorus on one of them is really high and really shows that he could hit those notes and really control them. The lyrics are a little edgier, a little sexier. Everything is up-tempo, dark and fun, and he's selling it. He's really coming into that male sex symbol star that we're really missing right now. Obviously Usher is a big sex symbol and so is Justin Timberlake, but there hasn't been a new sex symbol that the girls scream over in a while. And I think he encompasses that a lot.

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