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Friday, June 8, 2012

Joe Jonas is Coming to Your Doorstep

Joe Jonas is literally bringing fame to your doorstep with the new CW series The Next: Fame is At Your Doorstep.

The 22-year-old musician will just be one of the mentors that will travel to where the talent is, immersing themselves in the lives and towns of these local performers and preparing them for the chance to represent their home city on stage, live, in front of America.

“I’m really excited about it,” Joe tells Ryan Seacrest. “I’m going to be moving in with someone. The judges will be going to different cities in the states. There will be four people auditioning in each city and these artists are going to be either people that had a chance in the past, maybe they possibly got dropped from a record label. Also there will be people that are local stars or local celebrities.”

Gloria Estefan, Nelly and John Rich round out the mentors.

The Next: Fame is At Your Doorstep will premiere on August 16th @ 9PM ET/PT.