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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's Been Fun

Caution: there is some language not suitable for kids in this post

As all of you may have heard, the Jonas Brothers are no more. The New Jersey natives and brothers have decided to go their separate ways and break up.

The break up of the band was a long time coming. Earlier this month, the trio announce that they had cancelled their 19-date tour due to a "deep rift in the band". Also this month, the Jonas Brothers twitter handle disappeared, with no explanation, causing concern that the boys had broken up; their individual Twitters were also silent. However, on October 22, Nick posted on his Twitter a simple "bear with us" and Joe posted "please hold while we get our shit together," also on the same day. Kevin, however, has not posted since October 1st.

Earlier this month, rumors arose the Joe had a problem with addiction, which was the cause of the rift and his missing of band meetings. These rumors are, of course, false.

In August, Kevin Jonas and his wife, Danielle, announced that they were expecting their first child (a girl), but Kevin added that the impending arrival of his child was not the cause of the break up.

Nick was the first to speak out on the issue, telling his brothers that he felt "trapped."

In an interview with People Magazine, the brothers said that nothing is set in stone, and that they are just closing a chapter in their lives, also adding that it was a unanimous decision.

Because the Jonas Brothers have decided to break up, we have decided to close the blog. This decision was up in the air for about a year, due to the Jonas Brothers trying to release new work. Today, however, we have decided to close it. It is not definite, however, it may end up turning out that way. We are both so busy with school and work that we cannot find the time to update a blog on a band that is no longer together. We will try to keep updating our Twitter with events that happen with the Jonas Brothers, but we will no longer continue with the blog or fan site.

We are sorry for the closure.

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