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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Denise Jonas is an iMom

Denise Jonas might not be as high-profile as her singing sons, but that’s fine with her. She’d rather focus on what she does best. “I love being a mom. Nothing makes me happier than to be with my family – in the kitchen cooking, with the boys and my husband around the piano.”

And as one reporter said about Denise, she’s no Hollywood mom. She’s “keeping it real – behind the scenes.”

Personal: Married to Kevin Jonas for almost 25 years

Loves: Coffee, the beach and cooking

Dream Job: Judge

Exercise routine: Running after my sons!

Heels or flats? Heels!

Best present from her sons: A watch

Worst present from her sons: Wrinkle cream!

Before she had kids: Taught sign language

The hardest part about being a mom… “is allowing my children to make their own choices… I know they have a great foundation – I don’t like to worry, I try not to worry, I try to turn over every care to the Lord.”

Denise’s advice for moms: “I wish I could encourage moms to not be afraid to be moms, and really be firm about their boundaries. So many moms are afraid to draw the line, and they want to be their children’s best friend, but we have a higher calling than that, we are mothers.”