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Friday, October 23, 2009

Kevin Threw Away a Girl's Gift

From CG: Girls have been waiting outside the Four Seasons in Toronto for over a month. They will take pictures with the Jonas Brothers, and even GIVE THEM 'GIFTS'. Yesterday, a maid from the hotel came out with a few bags COMPLETELY FILLED with stuff she gathered that the Jonas clan left behind in their hotel rooms. She was showing the girls what she had found.

One of the girls was waiting outside the hotel when the maid came out. She dug into the bag and found a hand sketched picture of Kevin Jonas that SHE SKETCHED for him, earlier this month, and GAVE TO KEVIN AS A GIFT! She asked the maid where she found it, and she said 'the trashcan in one of the Jonas' hotel rooms'.

She was so upset that Kevin said he 'really liked the photo' and later.. threw it in the trash. Do YOU think this is true, would Kevin really throw away a fan's personal gift to him? Was anyone else there when this happened?!