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Friday, October 8, 2010

Kevin and Danielle Pregnant

Into every generation, a new Jonas must be born!
Sources are reporting that newlyweds Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa may very well be going by the names "Dad and Mom" sometime soon!
A source reveals having seen the married pair at a pharmacy in West Hollywood earlier last month. When the couple got to the counter, the eyewitness saw them buying a home pregnancy test!
Only one reason to have one of those!
What's perhaps more shocking for us to believe is that the young couple, who have only been married nine months, may have actually been trying to get pregnant! A close friend of the couple reveals that they would consider it a "major blessing if Danielle was pregnant.”
But, but….SHE'S TOO YOUNG!
Perhaps not physically, but surely emotionally she can't be ready to take care of a little one! She hasn't even had enough time to get used to being Mrs. Jonas!
Shouldn't the baby talk be saved until you've at least been married a year? Or five???

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