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Friday, October 8, 2010

Nick-Nic's Too Hot for TV Kiss

What's it like to kiss Nick Jonas? Apparently, it is so steamy that the Disney Channel can't even air the kiss on TV!

Okay, not exactly, but Jonas LA stars Chelsea Staub and Nicole Anderson recently dished about what it's like to lock lips with a Jonas brother.

In a video for Fanlala, Nicole was asked if there will be a kiss between Macy, her character on the show, and Nick in an upcoming episode. According to Nicole, a kiss was filmed but it was cut from the show.

"I think it was cut because it was too steamy," said Chelsea, "I was there and I watched every make-up lady go '[inhale] wow'."

"I think every person in the room wanted to kiss Nick Jonas after that one," continued Chelsea while Nicole blushed and giggled. Well, everyone probably wanted to kiss Nick even before the steamy kiss, but seeing his smooch skills in person probably confirmed everyone's Jonas-kissing fantasies.

Watch the video interview below (the kiss-y stuff starts around 2:45).

There might be a reason that the Nicole-Nick kiss was so hot: The two co-stars reportedly used to date. The couple was spotted going on a double date with Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato in April and they were later seen holding hands off-camera on the set of Jonas LA.

What do you think of Nick and Nicole's too-hot-for-TV kiss? Share your thoughts in the comments below.